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Digimon Chronicle X


Digimon Chronicle X (デジモンクロニクルエックス (X) Dejimon Kuronikuru X) is a follow up to the original storyline Digimon Chronicle and was uploaded online by Bandai to promote the 2019 Virtual Pet, Digital Monster X, which features X-Antibody Digimon. This story was accompanied by three colored manga depicting the most relevant scenes from the online chapters. The first manga showed scenes from the first 4 chapters and came with the Digital Monster X, the second one showed scenes from chapters 5 to 11 and came with the Digital Monster X Ver.2 and the final manga showed scenes from chapters 12 to 27 and came with the Digital Monster X Ver.3.



Released Language Download Notes
2020-03-01 JapaneseDirect Download Modal ddModalbook53
CH1-3 + Novel (Artbook Ver.X Pages)
Courtesy of generic_rocker
2020-03-01 EnglishDirect Download Modal ddModalbook117
Novel of X - The last episode
PDF format
Courtesy of generic_rocker
2018-12-01 JapaneseDirect Download Modal ddModalbook51
Chapter 1: Eng | Chapters 2-3: Jap
Courtesy of generic_rocker

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