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DigimonBASIC was found in March 2014 with the goal of being a point of reference for Digimon fans. After years of work and dedication, it has become a useful resource for those who want to keep up to date on the vast world of Digimon franchise.

There are currently two sections: Digidex and Download.


The Digidex section is designed to gather in a single place all information about Digimon. It is a user-frienly encyclopedia based on the well documented Wikimon. It is possible to search for a specific Digimon using the search bar on the top side of the website. A list of all Digimon can be found here.


The Download section contains links to get any digital material related to Digimon. Here you can find all Digimon's games released until now, the TV series, manga, OSTs and much, much more. If you are looking for a content that is not present yet in this section you can request it through the requests channel on our private discord server.

About Us


The team behind the DigimonBASIC project consists of passionate Digimon fans determined to build the reference website for Digimon related contents. We aim to provide for free contents that would be otherwise inaccessible for many.

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Latest Added Contents


Logo Updated Title Console Region Language
N/A2024-05-25 Digimon D-PowerMicrosoft Windows none en
N/A2023-04-30 デジモンセイバーズ マイクロサイトAdobe Flash none jp
N/A2023-04-30 Digimon: DigimorphAdobe Flash none en
N/A2023-04-30 Digimon: BiyoblockerAdobe Flash none en
N/A2023-04-30 Digimon: Savior of the CrystalAdobe Flash none en




Most Downloaded Contents


Logo Download Title Console Region Language
Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode16781 Digimon World Re:Digitize DecodeNintendo 3DS REGION FREE en
Digimon Linkz10527 Digimon LinkzAndroid none jp
Digimon World8887 Digimon WorldPlaystation NTSC-J jp
Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode8792 Digimon World Re:Digitize DecodeNintendo 3DS REGION FREE jp
Digimon Adventure8282 Digimon AdventurePlaystation Portable NTSC-J en




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