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Digimon Life

Digimon Life


Digimon Life (デジモン生活, Dejimon Seikatsu) is a video game.

Like the Digimon Reference Book, Digimon Life updated with new Digimon profiles every week, usually on Thursdays, in addition to the profiles it copied from the Reference Book. When profile updates were made available, they were mentioned in form of a Digimon's "eye witness report" (目撃情報), which gave a small, brief description about the Digimon in the new entry. The service was terminated at the end of March 2012. Prior to its termination, there were 595 Digimon pages available on Digimon Life.



Released Serial ID Console Region Language Download Notes
2010-08-19-Phone none JapaneseN/A-

External Links

Bandai Games website (JP, Wayback Machine)
pc.digimobile.jp (JP, Wayback Machine)


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