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Main Info

Level: Child Da-146
Attribute: Vaccine St-329 Data St-544
Type: Beast Da-146
Field: Wind Guardians Metal Empire Nature Spirits Virus Busters


With one horn growing from its head, it is a Digimon shrouded in mystery. It can be classified as a Beast Digimon from its body structure, but it's still not understood what kind of evolved form it will take on. Also, it is rumored that it is sometimes born with a twin. It's a very cute type of Digimon, and from its calm behavior it doesn't seem like a "Combat Species" Digimon, but in the case of battle, it shows that it is more powerful than it appears. Its Signature Move is generating a tiny tornado by spinning its ears like a propeller (Petit Twister). Its Special Move is spewing out a shot of superheated air (Blazing Fire). Also, it possesses a powerful might in the Unison Technique Double Typhoon that it performs with Lopmon, its twin.

Evolves From

Evolves To

Angemon PenP2
Black Galgomon St-979
Black Tailmon PenP2
Centalmon (Jogressed with Kokuwamon or Hagurumon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight
Clockmon St-853
Darcmon Digimon Championship
Dark Tyranomon St-338
Devimon St-344
Dinohumon St-981
Dobermon X-Antibody Bx-140
Dogmon St-346
Ebidramon Bo-3L
Fangmon St-902
Galgomon DSCS
Gargomon St-414
Gladimon St-983
Gorimon Bo-14t
Greymon Bo-1127
Greymon (Black) St-336
Growmon St-393
Hanumon (Jogressed with Bakumon or Goburimon) DSSM
Holsmon Bo-469
Igamon AccelNG
Ikkakumon DSCS
Leomon (with Plotmon and Goblimon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Löwemon St-840
Magnamon (with Digimental of Miracles) St-551
Maildramon Bo-10t
Minotaurmon Adult Bo-10L
Monochromon Bo-1159
Prairiemon Da-572
Rapidmon (with or without Digimental of Fate) DSCS
Revolmon St-549
Saint Galgomon (Warp Evolution) (with or without Lee Jianliang or Rapidmon and Brachimon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Rinkmon St-545
Seadramon St-526
Seahomon AccelNG
Sealsdramon Bo-1169
Siesamon PenP2
Stegomon St-350
Tailmon DSCS
Tankmon St-547
Thunderballmon St-569
Togemogumon St-352
Turuiemon Da-570
Tyranomon AccelNG
Wendimon St-422
Witchmon St-825

Source: Wikimon

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