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Main Info

Level: Adult DD
Attribute: Data DD
Type: Mutant DD
Field: Metal Empire


Also known as the "Digimon Dynamo", it is a Mutant Digimon that is thought to be a member of the Mamemon-species. Its tiny body has the properties of a magnet, and is always clad in electricity and discharging lightning. It fires spheres of discharged electricity as much as 10 MV at opponents who are coming to attack it (Thunder Ball).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Big Mamemon (Jogressed with our without certain Digimon of the Pendulum series) Pen5.5
Black Rapidmon St-573
Cyberdramon (Jogressed with Pidmon or certain Digimon of the Pendulum series) Pen5.5
Knightmon Pen5.5
Mamemon DSSM
Mamemon X-Antibody
Metal Mamemon X-Antibody
Nanomon (Jogressed with or without Bomber Nanimon) DSSM
Piccolomon Bo-224
Sefirotmon Bo-848
Super Starmon St-193
Tekkamon (Jogressed with or without Tsuchidarumon) DSSM
Thunderballmon X-Antibody (with X-Antibody)
Waru Monzaemon (Jogressed with certain Digimon of the Pendulum series) Pen5.5

Source: Wikimon

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