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Main Info

Level: Adult St-719
Attribute: Data DD
Type: Giant Bird DD
Field: Wind Guardians Metal Empire


A Giant Bird Digimon that "Armor Evolved" with the "Digimental of Friendship". It has the ability to summon thunder clouds with an echoing cry like thunder, and control thunder with the horn on its brow. Although it has a rough temperament, it has a caring nature for its comrades. Its Signature Move is firing out countless electrically-charged feathers like rain (Spark Wing). Its Special Move is flapping wings clad in electricity, generating a storm of lightning (Thunder Storm).

Evolves From

Candmon St-719
Commandramon AccelEG
Floramon St-719
Gottsumon with the Digimental of Friendship St-625
Hawkmon St-719
Impmon with the Digimental of Friendship St-625
Penmon AccelEG

Evolves To

Aero V-dramon St-730
Angewomon AccelEG
Gigadramon St-732
Gravimon Darkness Mode (with Gravimon, Centalmon, Sagittarimon, Cerberumon, Crossmon and Hippogriffomon) XW44
Matadrmon (Jogress with Sangloupmon) AccelEG
Parrotmon Bo-715
Scorpiomon AccelEG
Volcamon AccelEG

Source: Wikimon

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