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Tiger Vespamon

Tiger Vespamon

Main Info

Level: Ultimate Da-109
Attribute: Virus Da-109
Type: Cyborg Da-109
Field: Wind Guardians Metal Empire Jungle Troopers


A Cyborg Digimon that defends the mysterious "aerial, covert honey base, Royal Base". Vespamon boasts an astounding degree of stamina that could not be imagined from its slight and thorny silhouette, and it never stops moving during combat. The best of the best, said to be the top 0.08%, are inducted into the "covert honey corps, Royal Commando", and awarded a codename. Its codename "Tiger" comes from the fact that it is by far the best in solo combat, and it wields twin blades shaped like tiger fangs, the "covert honey arms, Royal Meister". Its Special Move is stinging the opponent with the twin blades, Royal Meister (Mach Stinger V).[N 1]Digimon Reference Book