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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Data DD
Type: Ceratopsian DD
Field: Nature Spirits Nightmare Soldiers


A bipedal Ceratopsian Digimon which has the appearance of the Triceratops, which has offensive ability competing for first or second among herbivorous dinosaurs. The sturdiness of its skin is top class among biological Digimon. Just like its skin, the two horns growing from its brow are super-sturdy, and are far harder than that of Monochromon. It has a fundamentally gentle personality. However, its charging attacks have the offensive power to obliterate even the sturdy-bodied Mineral-species Digimon, though you wouldn't guess it from its ordinarily sluggish movements. Its Special Move is charging at the opponent with the two horns on its brow and the horn on the tip of its nose (Tri Horn Attack).

Evolves From

Ankylomon (Jogressed with or without Minotaurmon) DSSM
Cyclomon St-511
Coredramon (Green) DC
Devidramon St-511
Flare Lizarmon Bo-240
Garurumon Mini1
Greymon St-29
Meramon St-954
Minotaurmon (Jogressed with Ankylomon) DSSM
Monochromon (Jogressed with or without Mori Shellmon) DSSM
Mori Shellmon (Jogressed with or without Monochromon) DSSM
Salamandemon St-954
Seadramon Mini1
Starmon St-29
Tortamon St-954
Tuskmon Digimon Collectors
Tyranomon DW2

Evolves To

Cannondramon DSSM
Devitamamon Bo-371
Dinorexmon Digimon Collectors
Goddramon St-516
Grandis Kuwagamon (Jogressed with Kumbhiramon and Chimairamon) Sx-18
Imperialdramon (Black) (Jogressed with Vermillimon) DSSM
Saber Leomon (Jogressed with Piccolomon or certain Digimon of the Pendulum series) Pen1-5
Spinomon Bo-1201
Triceramon X-Antibody (with the X-Antibody)
Ultimate Brachimon Sx-47
Xros Up Astamon (with Astamon) XW77

Source: Wikimon

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