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Belphemon: Rage Mode

Belphemon: Rage Mode

Main Info

Level: Ultimate DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Demon Lord DD
Field: Nightmare Soldiers Dark Area


It is said that Belphemon awakens from its eternal slumber once in a thousand years, and regains its natural shape. When Belphemon awakens from its slumber it changes into an incarnation of rage, and anything that enters its field of vision becomes a target for destruction. It is said that just by suffering Belphemon: Rage Mode's roar, Perfect Digimon and below will have their data disintegrated and die instantly, and not even Ultimate Digimon can escape unharmed. Its Special Moves are black flames cast from the chains coiled around its body (Lampranthus), and a slash attack which is unleashed from its claws, clad in the flames of hell (Gift of Darkness). In addition, the data of Digimon consigned to oblivion by the Digimon crowned as the Seven Great Demon Lords is not reincarnated, but is sent to the center of the Dark Area, and becomes the flesh and blood of the Demon Lords.

Evolves From

Astamon DM-213
Belphemon: Sleep Mode (Jogressed with or without Akihiro Kurata) DS36
Beelzebumon Digimon Crusader
Black Megalo Growmon DM02-109
DORUmon (Warp Evolution) DSAM
Mammon (Burst Evolution) DB
Mephismon Da-413
Skull Baluchimon DM-213

Evolves To

Belphemon: Sleep Mode Bo-1s
Lucemon: Satan Mode (Burst Evolution) DB
Ogudomon (Jogressed with either Barbamon, Beelzebumon, Demon, Leviamon, Lilithmon or Lucemon Falldown Mode) DM02-104

Source: Wikimon

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