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Main Info

Level: Adult DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD
Type: Mythical Dragon DD
Field: Wind Guardians Nature Spirits Virus Busters


A mythical Ancient Species Digimon that, even with the vastness of the Digital World, is said to only exist on the Folder Continent. Its existence is extremely precious, and even on the Folder Continent it is rarely encountered. Also, it is said that only one Digimon Tamer was able to tame V-dramon. With the exception of it becoming known as V-dramon due to the "V"-shaped pattern on its chest, its way of life is a mystery, but for some reason it is always mistaken for a dog. It is the owner of offensive power that is uncommon even among Adults, but if it is put into a predicament, it exhibits power that even surpasses Perfects. Its Special Move is a high-temperature heat ray spewed out of its mouth (V Breath Arrow).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Aero V-dramon (Jogress with or without XV-mon) Bo-1113
Aero V-dramon Zero Vj-7
Andromon (Jogress with Kenkimon) Bo-1152
Cyberdramon DSCS
Delumon (Jogress with Woodmon or Mojyamon or certain Digimon from the Pendulum series) Pen4.5
Garudamon (Jogress with or without Birdramon or Togemon or certain Digimon from the Pendulum series) Pen4.5
Majiramon Da-579
Metal Greymon PDW
Metal Greymon (Virus) Dw-0
Metal Tyranomon DSCS
Megalo Growmon DSCS
Paildramon (Jogress with Cyclomon or Stingmon) Bo-222
Piccolomon DWReD
Skull Greymon PDW

Source: Wikimon

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