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Main Info

Level: Hybrid DD [Ultimate] Bo-131t
Attribute: Variable DD
Type: Warrior DD
Field: Virus Busters


A Digimon that possesses power over Light that has transcended legend by inheriting all the might of one of the legendary Ten Warriors and acquiring unknown abilities. It is a strong-armed warrior that possesses both the wildness of a beast and the intelligence of a human, and can easily swing down its double-bladed greatsword "Trinität" with one hand. In battle, it coolly sizes up the situation and fights without getting heated up, but it believes in the way of the warrior, of fighting for its comrades and challenging strong opponents. It has the "Roland 2"[N 1] missile pod on its left hand for use in long-range combat, and specializes in both long-range and short-range combat. Its Special Moves are a powerful combination of heavy fire that assaults the opponent with several homing missiles fired from the Roland 2, then brings them down with its main armament (Licht Angriff), and swinging the greatsword Trinität at subluminal speed from overhead, instantly cutting the opponent to pieces (Zweihänder).

Evolves From

Garmmon (Jogressed with Wolfmon) Bo-131t
Kouji Minamoto + Human Spirit of Light + Beast Spirit of Light DF27
Were Garurumon (Jogressed with Wolfmon) St-917
Wolfmon (Jogressed with Garmmon or Were Garurumon) St-917

Evolves To

Magna Garurumon (with or without the (Human Spirit of Light, Beast Spirit of Light, Human Spirit of Steel, Beast Spirit of Steel, Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness, Corrupted Beast Spirit of Darkness, Human Spirit of Water, Beast Spirit of Water, Human Spirit of Thunder and Beast Spirit of Thunder)) Bo-859
Ancient Garurumon

Source: Wikimon

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