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Main Info

Level: Child DD
Attribute: Vaccine St-868 Virus Da-064 Free DD
Type: Larva DD
Field: Nature Spirits Unknown Jungle Troopers


A Larva Digimon with a timid, cowardly personality. Just like V-mon and the others, it's a descendant of an ancient species, so it is able to perform special Armor evolutions, but since Wormmon is powerless when by itself, it can't possibly match up to larger Digimon. However, by Armor evolving with the power of the Digimentals, it is able to manifest unbelievable power. Also, it is said that in order for the fragile larva to grow into a powerful imago, Wormmon will one day evolve into an Adult overflowing with power. It can definitely be said that it is a Digimon who has hidden potential for the future. Its Special Moves are spitting out the threads of a tough, adhesive net, completely restricting the opponent's movements (Nebaneba Net), and spitting out stiff threads that are as thin as a silk thread but as pointed and sharp as a needle (Silk Thread).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Airdramon St-144
Angemon St-236
Archelomon (with or without the Digimental of Sincerity) Bo-291
Bakemon St-189
Blitzmon with the Human Spirit of Thunder Digital Monster: D-Project
Boogeymon St-666
Bullmon (with or without the Digimental of Hope) Bo-289
Coatlmon (with or without the Digimental of Light) Digimon World: Digital Card Arena
Dokugumon St-147
Fla Wizarmon (with or without the Digimental of Courage) St-616
Flybeemon St-638
Garurumon St-235
Ice Devimon DSCS
Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode (Warp Evolution) DTBS
Kabuterimon DSCS
Kongoumon (with or without the Digimental of Miracles or Digimental of Fate) St-571
Kuwagamon DSCS
Kuwagamon X-Antibody Da-534
Mercuremon St-887
Nohemon (with or without the Digimental of Purity) D-3 Version 1
Numemon Bo-218
Owlmon (with or without the Digimental of Love) St-134
Puchiemon (with or without the Digimental of Kindness) Digimon Adventure 02: The Path to Armor Evolution
Puchiemon (Green) (with the Digimental of Kindness)
Rhinomon X-Antibody
Sand Yanmamon
Searchmon (with or without the Digimental of Knowledge Bo-290
Shadramon (with the Digimental of Courage) Digimon World: Digital Card Arena
Snimon Bo-940
Sorcerymon St-877
Stingmon (with the Digimentals of Courage, Friendship, Love, and Purity) D-3 Version 1
Tailmon St-255
Togemogumon (with the Digimental of Friendship) St-132
Togemon DWReD
Waspmon DSCS
Woodmon DWReD
Yanmamon St-185

Source: Wikimon

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