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Zeke Greymon

Zeke Greymon

Main Info

Level: Ultimate Digimon Crusader
Attribute: Unknown Re-39
Type: Cyborg DD
Field: Metal Empire Unknown


Zeke Greymon is a form obtained when the legendary Digimon bestowed the "Evolution" upon a Metal Greymon that sought perfect victory. Its body armor, bestowed by the legendary Digimon, is solid, virtual super-metal called Chrome Digizoid, and the armor acquired even further heights and became a body of "Gold Digizoid", which emits high-class golden radiance simply due to its dazzle. As its defensive power is immense and lightweight, its movements are surprisingly more agile than it appears from its heavy armor.

Zeke Greymon possesses combat strength of a high, all-round potential. As its specialty, it uses the tactic of providing suppressive fire against the opponent with the "Plasma Railgun" on its right hand, while chopping them up in a single blow to their trunk with its "Trident Fang", and it deals with long-range or high-altitude enemies by shooting a high-power energy shot (Hyper Launcher). Also, when facing a large army, it burns most opponents to nothing with its "Zeke Flame", in which it spews the flames of hell out of its mouth, and when facing a formidable opponent, it slaughters them by maintaining a lowered stance while it becomes an arrow of shining light and assaults them, releasing the energy at point-blank range to decrepitate them (Final Strikes).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Shoutmon DX (w/ Omega Shoutmon) XW34
Shoutmon X7 (w/ Omega Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmons & Sparrowmon) or (w/ Omega Shoutmon & Shoutmon X4) http://www.carddass.com/digimon/game/unit_6th.htmlSuper_Digica_Taisen:_Sixth_Act_DigiXros_Units_/span
Shoutmon EX6 (w/ Omega Shoutmon, Atlur Ballistamon, J├Ąger Dorulumon & Raptor Sparrowmon) Digimon Xros Wars: Xros Stars! Like a Falling Star!!

Source: Wikimon

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