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Black War Greymon

Black War Greymon

Main Info

Level: Ultimate DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Dragon Man DD
Field: Metal Empire Dragon's Roar


Feared as the "Jet-black Dragon Warrior", it is a Virus-species War Greymon. Although its creed and principles are the polar opposite of those of the Virus Buster War Greymon, it exists for the sake of its own peculiar justice. It detests cowardice and foul play, and it doesn't consider itself a fellow of vulgar Digimon, even if they are of the same Virus-species. The full details of how it converted to a Virus are a mystery, and the "Brave Shield" equipped to its back is not engraved with the Crest of Courage. Its Special Move is similar to War Greymon's "Gaia Force", except that it takes all of the "negative emotions" within this world and concentrates them into one spot, and then fires it (Ankoku no Gaia Force).

Evolves From

100 Dark Towers ZT30
Agumon (Black) (Warp Evolution) DTBS
Allomon (Jogressed with Skull Greymon) DSMS
Black Megalo Growmon (Jogressed with or without Megadramon) DSMS
Cyberdramon DC
Greymon (Black) DSAM
Matadrmon SP-002
Megadramon (Jogressed with Black Megalo Growmon) DSMS
Megalo Growmon DM-081
Mega Seadramon St-151
Metal Greymon DM-081
Metal Greymon Virus DSCS
Metal Tyranomon DSCS
Mistymon Bo-1049
Skull Greymon (Jogressed with or without Allomon) DSMS
Vamdemon DM-140
Vermillimon DSMS

Evolves To

Black War Greymon X-Antibody (with X-Antibody)
Diablomon (Jogressed with Gran Kuwagamon) DW3
Omegamon (Jogressed with Metal Garurumon or Saber Leomon) Digital Monster: D-Project
Omegamon Zwart (Jogressed with or without (Metal Garurumon (Black)) DSCS

Source: Wikimon

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