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Main Info

Level: Hybrid DD [Perfect] Bo-1209
Attribute: Variable DD
Type: Beast DD
Field: Deep Savers


A Digimon that possesses power over Ice which bears the might of one of the legendary Ten Warriors. It's closer to recklessness than dauntless courage, but in any case it's a ruffian overflowing with desire and ambition. It's powerfully curious and a show-off, so it's pretty frivolous. On the brink of battle, it always pauses to offer a prayer to the god of ice and snow in which it believes, then shouts the names of its Special Moves and something humorous. However, in practice, it is being shrewd and is closely observing the opponent and terrain, heightening its advantage in combat. Its Special Moves are wielding its two tomahawks, "Eji" and "Oji", to chop up the opponent like it was dancing (Avalanche Step), and restricting the opponent's movement with the extensible hair on its head, then stabbing them with the bladed edges until they stop (Glacier Torpedo).

Evolves From

Any Adult or Any Armor Digimon with the Beast Spirit of Ice St-698
Any Perfect Digimon with the Beast Spirit of Ice Bo-717
Chackmon (with or without Slide Evolution and Reverse Slide Evolution or the Beast Spirit of Ice) Bo-107t

Evolves To

Daipenmon (with Chackmon) Bo-896

Source: Wikimon

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