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Main Info

Level: Perfect Sx-97
Attribute: Virus Sx-97
Type: Cyborg Sx-97
Field: Wind Guardians Metal Empire


A massive Digimon that defends the mysterious, secret aerial base, "Royal Base". The aerial base is exposed to danger from a full 360°, but with a bombarding barrage fired simultaneously from the gigantic arms container on top of it, it can completely cover a vast range. Also, even if the opponent is strongly armored, it can shoot them clean through with its high-caliber laser cannon, as its Special Move "Nitro Stinger". Its "Sky Rocket ∞" fires shots from its container, which boasts an innumerable number of loaded ordnance, and will continue on like raging waves until its watch is ended.

Evolves From

Ginryumon PenX3
Kuwagamon DSCS
Omekamon PenX3
Raptordramon PenX3
Stingmon Bx-114
Tankmon DSCS
Waspmon (with or without Blast Evolution) PenX3

Evolves To

Alphamon PenX3
Chaosdramon X-Antibody (Jogressed with Metal Greymon X-Antibody) Bx-119
Grand Locomon DSCS
Magnamon X-Antibody (Blast Evolution) PenX3
Metal Piranimon (Jogress with or without Hisyaryumon) Sx-92
Ouryumon PenX3
Saint Galgomon DSCS
Tiger Vespamon (with or without Blast Evolution or Jogress with or without Hisyaryumon) PenX3

Source: Wikimon

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