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Main Info

Level: Ultimate DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Machine DD
Field: Metal Empire


It is said that Mugendramon, who was built by combining the parts of many Cyborg-species Digimon, demonstrated abilities beyond imagination, and that the experiment succeeded. Adding enhancements to further improve that Mugendramon made it Chaosdramon, who possesses a deep crimson Metal Body. Its body, which is made of "Red Digizoid" that was repurified from the virtual super-metal Chrome Digizoid and increased just its hardness, deflects every attack, and destroys everything. Also, the version of the program that was set in its Digicore automatically performs improvements to make it even more destructive. Chaosdramon is also the Digimon that the leader of the Crack Team primarily employs as its agent. Its Special Move is a superdreadnought-class energy wave fired from its two artillery cannons (Hyper Mugen Cannon).

Evolves From

Aero V-dramon PenP1
Assaultmon (Jogressed with Valvemon) St-957
Caturamon (Jogressed with Giromon) St-957
Groundramon Da-548
Megadramon PenP1
Megalo Growmon PenP1
Metal Greymon (Jogressed with or without Metal Tyranomon or Master Tyranomon) St-957
Metal Tyranomon PenP1
Mugendramon (with or without Dukemon and Ancient Volcamon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Paildramon PenP1
Skull Greymon (Jogressed with Phelesmon) St-807

Evolves To

Apocalymon Digimon Masters
Chaosdramon X-Antibody (with X-Antibody)
Neo Crimson (with Crimson, Chaos Greymon, Chaos Seadramon and Chaos Piemon)[N 1]

Source: Wikimon

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