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Main Info

Level: Ultimate DM-117
Attribute: Vaccine DM-117
Type: Unique DM-117
Field: Unknown Virus Busters


Normally, when a Jogress occurs, the Digicores of the two fellow Digimon are completely fused and are reborn as a new Digimon, but Chaosmon retains each of the Digicores of the Digimon before the Jogress, and maintains its form in a very incomplete state. Chaosmon is the codename for Digimon who "should not exist", and according to the "Central Dogma" of the Digital World, are absolute impossible singularities (bugs). Due to its extremely unstable existence, its lifespan is very brief, and it is conjectured that its lifespan was shortened as a result of running the program that eliminates the bugs released by the Digital World's managing system. This Chaosmon is believed to be one that was jogressed from Bancho Leomon and Darkdramon, and the faces of each Digimon are visible on its arms. Its Special Moves are an invincible decisive stroke unleashed from the "BAN-TYO Blade" equipped to its "Bancho Arm" (Haou Ryoudanken), and firing off its own digital cells from the "Gigastick Cannon" equipped to its "Darkdra Arm" (Dark Prominence).

Evolves From

Any Digimon of Child level or above (with the "Chaos G" item DigiviceiC20X
Bancho Leomon (Jogressed with Darkdramon , Valdurmon , or Sleipmon) AccelJG
Darkdramon (Jogressed with Bancho Leomon , Valdurmon , or Sleipmon) AccelEG
Mercurymon (Jogressed with Any Ultimate Digimon) Bo-1212
Sleipmon (Jogressed with Bancho Leomon , Darkdramon , or Valdurmon) AccelUG
Valdurmon (Jogressed with Bancho Leomon , Darkdramon , or Sleipmon) AccelNG

Evolves To

Ultimate Chaosmon (Jogress with Sleipmon) Digimon Collectors

Source: Wikimon

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