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Main Info

Level: Adult Bo-314
Attribute: Data Bo-314 Free DD
Type: Dinosaur DD
Field: Wind Guardians Nature Spirits


An Armor-level Dinosaur Digimon which evolved through the power of the Digimental of Courage. It is fierce even for a Dinosaur Digimon, and it is in a hostile relationship with Tyranomon, a fellow Dinosaur Type Digimon. It has strong leg power, and by tilting its head down and taking a horizontal stance it is able to run at blistering speeds, which is its special characteristic. Its Special Move is to spit out a blast of superheated air (Dino Burst).

Evolves From

Hawkmon (with or without the Digimental of Courage) D3V2
Ganimon St-349
Guilmon Bo-12t
Monodramon Bo-815
Muchomon St-349
V-mon Bo-12t
Yuki Agumon Bo-965

Evolves To

Aero V-dramon Bo-13j
Allomon X-Antibody (with X-Antibody)
Black War Greymon (Jogressed with Skull Greymon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight
Hisyaryumon Sx-68
Imperialdramon (Jogressed with Rize Greymon) DSSM
Mametyramon Sx-53
Mammon X-Antibody Bx-55
Megalo Growmon St-325
Megalo Growmon X-Antibody Sx-41
Orochimon St-360
Panjyamon X-Antibody Bx-90
Skull Baluchimon (Jogressed with Mantaraymon) Bx-47
Waru Monzaemon St-368
Zudomon (Jogressed with Baromon) St-662

Source: Wikimon

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