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Main Info

Level: Ultimate DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD
Type: Holy Knight DD
Field: Virus Busters


One of the Holy Knight-type "Royal Knights", the highest rank of Network Security which is said to have thirteen members. While it is a Holy Knight, it is said that to the Holy Knights it is a being like a deterrent force, and in normal times it doesn't appear, so it is even called the "Aloof Hermit" with a fluttering blue mantle, and is the "Royal Knight" that is assigned to the place called the "Empty Seat". In battle, it possesses the ability for the ultimate force, "Alpha inForce", which instantaneously replays the battle's past, so although Alphamon's attacks are over in just an instant, you can't grasp how many attacks it actually unleashed, and in theory, you can only see the final blow that brought down the opponent. It can deploy a magic circle of Digimoji from its hands, which attacks and defends. Its Special Moves are drawing out a convergence of light that was pierced into the center of a magic array and stabbing it through the opponent (Seiken Gradalpha), and spreading the wings on its back and flying up high, then deploying a magic circle even larger than the sky, with which it summons a legendary monster from another dimension (Digitalize of Soul).

Evolves From

Cannonbeemon PenX3
Cyberdramon DSCS
DORUguremon (Jogressed with or without Holy Angemon or Magnamon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight
Grademon (with or without Blast Evolution or Jogressed with or without Mega Seadramon X-Antibody) PenX1
Hisyaryumon PenX3
Holy Angemon (Jogressed with DORUguremon or Magnamon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight
Kuremi Kyōko with the Alfa Romeo Montreal DSCS
Magnamon (Jogressed with DORUguremon or Holy Angemon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight
Metal Fantomon PenX3
Raptordramon (Blast Evolution) PenX3

Evolves To

Alphamon: Ouryuken (with or without Blast Evolution or Ultimate-Battle-Blade-OURYUKEN or Jogress with or without Ouryumon) D-Cyber - Chapter 14D-Cyber: Miraculous Ending
Omegamon X-Antibody (with or without Blast Evolution or Jogress with Dinotigermon or Ulforce V-dramon X-Antibody) PenX1
Tiger Vespamon (Jogress with Okuwamon X-Antibody or Triceramon X-Antibody) PenX3

Source: Wikimon

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