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Main Info

Attribute: -
Type: Cyborg DD
Field: -


Deckerdramon can be said to be a natural enemy of all Flying Digimon. With the terrifying "Deckerdra-Launcher" equipped on its back, it also conceals the ability to shoot down any kind of Flying Digimon with a variety of anti-aircraft missiles. Because it is difficult to find things below you from high up in the sky, it seems to be troublesome to Flying Digimon. In particular, because you can't figure out where to attack in a terrain filled with obstacles, its aircraft kill-rate swells. On terrain where there are few obstacles, Deckerdramon spreads a barrage of its smoke-producing "Smokey Fang", and prepares to attack. It doesn't just specialize in anti-aircraft attacks, and for ground-to-ground combat, the mighty blow of its "Heavy Tailhook" pulverizes the enemy.

Evolves From

Evolves To

Decker Greymon (w/ Metal Greymon) or (w/ Greymon + MailBirdramon) XW29
Deckerdramon Float Mode XW40

Source: Wikimon

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