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Main Info

Level: Adult Bo-294
Attribute: Data Bo-294 Free DD
Type: Aquatic Beast Man DD
Field: Deep Savers


An Aquatic Beast Man-type Armor Digimon which evolved through the power of the "Digimental of Sincerity". Through the Digimental's power it has become adept at underwater operations and can swim rapidly like a fish. Additionally, its armor has a high resistance to water pressure, and it is capable of deep-sea diving even further than its fellow Aquatic Beast Man, Hangyomon. With its diving capacity, it can even compete with Whamon. Its Special Move is a foamy bomb which explodes on contact with its enemy (Bubble Bomb).

Evolves From

Koemon St-901
Neemon St-901
Monodramon (with the Digimental of Sincerity) Bo-628
Otamamon St-901
Otamamon (Data) St-901
Renamon St-521
V-mon (With or without the Digimental of Sincerity) D3

Evolves To

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