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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Virus St-257 Free DD
Type: Mutant DD
Field: Wind Guardians Metal Empire Nature Spirits Jungle Troopers


A Mutant Digimon which Jogress-evolved from Stingmon and XV-mon. A chimera of a dragon and an insect, it is a Digimon which possesses the name "Terrible Bee". It is hard to classify its species as either a Dragon type or an Insect type, but its Insect nature is more pronounced. It flies through the sky with its four wings, and accurately perceives the opponent with the compound eyes on its head, so it can reliably choke the life out of its opponent. Also, Dinobeemon possesses a considerably ferocious personality. Its Special Move is the "Dance of Hell" in which its nimble movements leave behind afterimages while it chops up the opponent (Hell Masquerade).

Evolves From

Dinohumon (Jogressed with Gladimon) St-858
Fla Wizarmon (Jogressed with Centalmon) St-858
Flybeemon (Jogressed with Honeybeemon) Bo-308
Flymon DSSM
Greymon (Jogressed with Tailmon) St-257
Gryzmon St-622
Kabuterimon (Jogressed with Kuwagamon) Bo-283
Kuwagamon (Jogressed with or without Kabuterimon) Bo-283
Kongoumon St-257
Peacockmon (Jogressed with Hanumon) Bo-1080
Searchmon (Jogressed with Shadramon) Bo-308
Shurimon (Jogressed with Yasyamon) Bo-1080
Stingmon (Jogressed with or without XV-mon) D3
Sunflowmon Da-094
XV-mon (Jogressed with Stingmon) D3

Evolves To

Gran Kuwagamon (Jogressed with or without Atlur Kabuterimon (Red)or Anomalocarimon) DSSM
Herakle Kabuterimon Da-111
Imperialdramon Bo-1081
Imperialdramon (Black) (Jogressed with or without Paildramon) Bo-356
Skull Mammon Da-112
Tiger Vespamon Da-109
Venom Vamdemon (Jogressed with Dagomon) Bo-341
War Greymon St-241
Zanbamon Bo-869

Source: Wikimon

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