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Main Info

Level: Adult DD
Attribute: Vaccine Bx-155 Data DD
Type: Beast Dragon DD
Field: Nature Spirits Dragon's Roar


A ferocious Beast Dragon Digimon that possesses the disposition of a beast and a dragon, it is such a heavyweight that most Digimon run away just at the sight of its shadow. Although it exhibits that ferocity of a wild beast when it comes to battles, it also has the intelligence of a dragon, and is usually very docile. Because it has an old-style interface on its brow, it has been conjectured to be an evolution of a "Prototype Digimon". Its Special Move is firing a large iron sphere from its mouth, smashing the opponent (Power Metal). Its Signature Move has more strength when it is fired after standing still and accumulating power, but it is also able to fire an iron sphere even while charging (Cannonball).

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