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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Data DD
Type: Demon Man DD
Field: Nightmare Soldiers Unknown


Versed in Onmyoudou, it is an onmyouji Digimon that freely uses every technique in battle. Its faculty with magic is particularly high, and its specialty isattacks with talismans and spells. Like Taomon, it is a being that lives and lurks within the darkness, but unlike Taomon it specializes in death-curses and assassinations. Also, it is able to turn its talismans into shikigami and command them. Its Signature Move is wreathing its talismans around the opponent's body, then detonating them (Jugonsatsu). Its Special Move "Kimontonkou" is a terrifying technique in which it chants an incantation while painting a barrier in the air with its gigantic brush, confining the opponent in an eternal labyrinth from which it can never escape.

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