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Dukemon X-Antibody

Dukemon X-Antibody

Main Info

Level: Ultimate Sx-40
Attribute: Vaccine Bx-136 Virus Sx-40
Type: Holy Knight Sx-40
Field: Metal Empire Nightmare Soldiers Virus Busters


This Holy Knight Digimon is called one of the "Royal Knights" alongside Omegamon and Magnamon. The Royal Knights are Digimon assigned the highest rank of Network Security, so it is absolutely impossible to violate Security in their presence. It is a being containing contradictions, as it is a Virus attribute while also being called a guardian deity of the Net, and if its balance collapses, even due to a freak chance, it is possible for it to become a dangerous existence. It is clad in holy armor refined and constructed from 99.9% pure Chrome Digizoid, and its right hand can become the holy lance "Gram" while its left hand can become the holy shield "Aegis". It honors chivalry, and is a loyal vassal towards its lord. Its Special Moves are a strong blow dispatched from the holy lance Gram (Royal Saber), and firing a beam which purifies everything from the holy shield Aegis in its left hand (Final Elysion).
The effect on Dukemon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody

Carrying out its devotion as a knight, this Dukemon threw itself into the sacred battle and was at last blessed with the supreme sacred armor, sacred lance, and sacred shield. "Red Digizoid", "Blue Digizoid", and "Gold Digizoid" are rare metals, and its sacred hybridized equipment combined the Chrome Digizoid which boasted the highest known purities. Since its form was remodeled in order to demonstrate its holy power, the lance of light emitted from its sacred lance Gram was amplified, and it acquired a new Special Move called "Sieg Saber" which lengthens it. In addition, it is said that Dukemon's red mantle from before acquiring the X-Antibody was given to the hero, Leomon.

Evolves From

Black Megalo Growmon Bx-78
Dinotigermon (Jogressed with Alphamon or Death-X-DORUgoramon) PenX2
Dukemon (with the X-Antibody) DWReD
Dukemon Crimson Mode (with the X-Antibody) Bx-136
Grademon Da-500
Hisyaryumon (Blast Evolution) PenX3
Knightmon Sx-40
Medieval Dukemon D-Cyber - Chapter 11D-Cyber: Reborn
Megalo Growmon Bx-6s
Megalo Growmon X-Antibody (Jogressed with or without Guilmon X-Antibody) DAG
Metal Greymon Bx-187
Metal Greymon X-Antibody Bx-187
Ouryumon (Blast Evolution) PenX3
Ulforce V-dramon X-Antibody (Jogressed with Alphamon or Death-X-DORUgoramon) PenX2.5

Evolves To

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