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Main Info

Level: Hybrid DD [Adult] Bo-1208
Attribute: Variable DD
Type: Demon Man DD
Field: Nightmare Soldiers Dark Area


A Digimon that possesses power over Darkness which bears the might of one of the legendary Ten Warriors. The regret of various extinct species of Digimon and the "Forbidden Data" on the Net transformed into intense dark energy, and coalesced into Duskmon. The dark energy exists in order to oppose the light of holy beings, and the one who possesses power over Light is the flip side of the same coin. It has a thoroughly evil personality, so it is both callous and cruel. It is the possessor of Demon Lord-like dignity that is overflowing with perfectionism and confidence. It is invincible in battle when wielding its swords, and does not hesitate with its inhuman attacks. Its Special Moves are making the eyes all over its body shine and placing the opponent under hypnosis (Geist Abend), and absorbing the opponent's power with its two demonic "Blut Evolution" swords and making it its own (Eroberung). By the way, due to the ability of the three heads and seven eyes on its armor to act on their own as if they were separate creatures, true evil is sealed in them.

Evolves From

Any Adult or Any Armor Digimon + Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness St-708
Any Perfect Digimon + Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness St-665
Arkadimon St-796
Kimura Kouichi + Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness DF30
Keramon + Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness Bo-101t

Evolves To

Dark Knightmon (Duskmon) (with Dark Knightmon) Digimon Xros Wars: Xros Evolution!! The Guide to Miracles!!
Infermon St-802
Kaiser Leomon Bo-125t
Löwemon (Slide Evolution and Reverse Slide Evolution) Spirit-Digivolving Figures: Duskmon
Mephismon Bo-835
Reichmon (with Velgmon)
Velgmon (with or without Slide Evolution and Reverse Slide Evolution or with the Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness) Bo-778

Source: Wikimon

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