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Main Info

Level: Ultimate Da-469
Attribute: Data Da-469
Type: Holy Knight Da-469
Field: Virus Busters


A member of the holy "Royal Knights", it possesses the powers of the wyvern. It is a unique being among the Royal Knights, in that it serves the lord who embodied its own sense of justice with deep, unquestioning loyalty. For example, for the sake of its own justice, it won't hate its lord even if they are called "Evil". For that reason, it has a strong spirit of chivalry and bushido, with a character that honors devotion, fidelity, and courtesy. With its tenacious, dragon-like power, and dragon armor made from high-purity Chrome Digizoid, it boasts unparalleled strength. Its Special Moves are firing energy shots from the palms of its hands, with all the attributes of the Warrior Ten (Dragon's Roar), and transforming its body's energy into an aura of a gigantic wyvern (Breath of Wyvern).

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