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El Doradimon

El Doradimon

Main Info

Level: Ultimate Da-409
Attribute: Data Da-409
Type: Mutant Da-409
Field: Jungle Troopers


A Mutant Digimon that once wandered into the research data for ancient ruins on a neglected computer, and over a long period time unified with that data. If it retracts its head, arms, and legs, it looks like nothing more than the ruins of an ancient fortress. Due to the enormous quantity of research data it holds, it has become a slow-witted Digimon with a large build, but it is probably difficult to bring down even if is attacked by scores of Digimon. It is definitely an impregnable Digimon. Its Special Moves are charging the opponent with its large body and breaking through, even if it suffers an attack (Golden Road), and striking with its gigantic foot, shaking the earth (Meteor Earthquake). Also, it can bite through the opponent with the power of its mighty jaws (Giant Nipper).

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Source: Wikimon

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