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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD Virus DW2
Type: Puppet DD
Field: Nature Spirits Unknown


A Puppet Digimon that sneaks around within a Tyranomon-shaped plush toy. The reason why it is a Tyranomon plush toy is unclear, but it is likely that the mysterious Digimon that is stealing away inside just broke into the plush toy that was closest. However, this plush toy possesses power rivaling that of Monzaemon at its limits and the defensive power of an impregnable fortress, so ordinary Digimon and the like are completely unable to oppose it. However, like Monzaemon, if nothing is pulling its strings, then it is nothing but an ornament. Its Special Moves are Pretty Attack, which emanates from its adorable body, and an evil orb unleashed by the Digimon hiding within it (Black Matter).

Evolves From

Dark Lizarmon DW2
Dark Tyranomon DW2
Fangmon St-883
Mechanorimon DSSM
Mojyamon St-883
Raremon (Jogressed with or without Tyranomon) DSSM
Tyranomon (Jogressed with or without Raremon) DSSM

Evolves To

Deathmon (Jogressed with or without Jyagamon) Bo-299
Devitamamon (Jogressed with Tocanmon) DSSM
Dukemon St-860
Ebemon Bo-740
Parasimon (Jogressed with Archnemon) DSSM
Venom Vamdemon Bo-341

Source: Wikimon

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