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Main Info

Level: Adult Da-568
Attribute: Vaccine Da-568 Data Sp-8 Free DD
Type: Dragon Man DD
Field: Metal Empire Nature Spirits Nightmare Soldiers Dragon's Roar


A Dragon Man-type Armor Digimon which evolved through the power of the "Digimental of Courage". The Digimental of Courage possesss the attribute of "fire", and so those clad in this Digimental have their combat ability increased like blazing flames, allowing it to fight its opponents with intense power. Its Signature Move is punching the opponent with a fiery fist (Knuckle Fire). Its Special Move is cloaking its entire body in fire and assaulting the enemy like a rocket (Fire Rocket).

Evolves From

Agnimon (with the Digimental of Courage) St-708
Agumon St-873
Agumon (2006 Anime Version) Da-568
Agumon (Black)
Bokomon St-717
Candmon St-717
Dracomon Da-568
Goburimon St-354
Guilmon (with or without Digimental of Courage) St-354
Hagurumon St-354
Hawkmon St-717
Patamon St-873
V-mon (with or without Digimental of Courage) DSCS
XV-mon (with the Digimental of Courage) Digimon Story

Evolves To

Aero V-dramon DW2
Apollomon (with Flaremon and Agnimon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Blue Meramon Bo-479
Cyberdramon St-536
Death Meramon St-729
DORUgoramon (Jogressed with Atlur Kabuterimon (Blue)) DSSM
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode DBC
Lighdramon DW2
Majiramon Da-579
Metal Tyranomon (Jogressed with Lighdramon) St-148
Megadramon St-363
Paildramon (Jogressed with or without Stingmon or Yasyamon) Bo-335
War Greymon (Jogressed with Mametyramon) DSSM
Were Garurumon St-904
Wingdramon Da-578

Source: Wikimon

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