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Main Info

Level: Child Da-179
Attribute: Data Da-179
Type: Plant Da-179
Field: Wind Guardians Jungle Troopers


Although it evolved like a reptile, just like Palmon, it is categorized as an unusual Digimon of the Plant type. Its whole face has the appearance of a flower, and the petal-styled shell usually protects its head like a helmet. When intruders are not around or when it's in a good mood, the petals on its head and both of its arms open up wide. It sees Palmon as its rival, and has a very prideful personality. Its Special Move is generating allergy-inducing pollen from the flowers on both of its arms (Allergy Shower). If they suffer this technique, even larger Digimon are unable to keep hold of their presence of mind, and completely lose their fighting spirit.

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