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Main Info

Level: Ultimate DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Dragon Man DD
Field: Nature Spirits Dragon's Roar


A Dragon Man Digimon and subspecies of the Greymon-species that is highly capable as a Combat Species Digimon, it wins battles to increase its strength. Discovered within a neglected Oriental computer, there are many parts of that strength which are unmeasured, but it has been confirmed that it possesses an unbelievable combat record from its countless battles. Its uniquely shaped "Kikurin" swords, which it acquired due to its combat experience, leave behind eerie tracks of light, and it is said that anything which touches those tracks will be cut to pieces. Its Special Moves are the tracks of the Kikurin swords (Rinkazan), and concentrating all the energy within the atmosphere and then detonating it (Gaia Reactor). Also, it has acquired "Rinkageki", which can attack distant enemies by fusing the two Kikurin swords, causing those eerie lights to converge all at once.

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