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Main Info

Level: Adult St-347
Attribute: Vaccine St-347
Type: Beast Bo-275 Beast Man St-347
Field: Wind Guardians Nature Spirits


A Beast Man Digimon that evolved from Terriermon, and a Hunter Digimon skilled in hunting. Despite its outward appearance, it uses attacks of unparalleled accuracy to reliably bring down the opponent with its nimble movements. Its leg strength is strong enough for it to jump sky high, and it is also able to spread out its ears to glide. Although it usually has a cheerful personality, once it is angered it gets out of hand. Its favorite "D-VI'S 503xx" jeans are its obsession. Its Special Moves are the vulcans on both of its arms (Gatling Arm), and getting into the opponent's space, then thrusting up a Gatling Arm from below (Dumdum Upper).

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