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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD
Type: Bird Man DD Giant Bird Bo-89
Field: Wind Guardians Virus Busters


A Bird Man Digimon that has gigantic talons and wings that let it dance freely through the sky. Garudamon honors justice and order, and is a guardian deity of the land and wind that loves nature. Its intelligence and combat ability are the highest among Bird Digimon, and it is admired due to it being said that only chosen Digimon can evolve to it. It is thought that if the order of the Digital World is disturbed, it will suddenly appear out of nowhere, and quell the source of the unrest. Also, it is matchless friends with the hero Leomon, who possesses the same will. Its Special Move is unleashing a vacuum blade at super-speed, chopping up the opponent (Shadow Wing). Because of the speed of Shadow Wing's residue, its true colors cannot be confirmed, and it can only be seen as a silhouette shaped like a black bird.

Evolves From

Airdramon Bo-194
Akatorimon Bo-262
Angemon DSCS
Aquilamon (Jogressed with or without Tylomon, Tyranomon or Saberdramon) DSSM
Birdramon (Jogressed with or without Kiwimon , V-dramon or the Crest of Love or certain Digimon from the Pendulum series) Pen4.5
Bitmon (Jogressed with Goatmon)
Fugamon Bo-262
Goatmon (Jogressed with Bitmon)
Ikkakumon DWRe
Kiwimon (Jogressed with or without Birdramon or certain Digimon from the Pendulum series) Pen4.5
Magnamon St-734
Meramon PDW
Monochromon PDW
Pegasmon St-734
Piyomon (Warp Evolution) DS45
Saberdramon (Jogressed with or without Aquilamon) DSSM
Togemon (Jogressed with V-dramon or certain Digimon from the Pendulum series) Pen4.5
Tylomon (Jogressed with or without Aquilamon)
Tyranomon (Jogressed with or without Aquilamon) Bo-337
V-dramon (Jogressed with or without Togemon , Birdramon or certain Digimon from the Pendulum series) Pen4.5
V-dramon (Black)

Evolves To

Ancient Irismon (with Silphymon, Lilimon and Lilamon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Anubimon (Jogressed with Blossomon) DSSM
Crossmon (Jogressed with Angewomon) Bo-226
Demon Bo-204
Fujinmon Bo-812
Garudamon X-Antibody (with X-Antibody)
Griffomon Bo-578
Hououmon (Jogressed with or without Holy Angemon , Sinduramon or Butenmon, Sinduramon and Parrotmon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Justimon DSCS
Metal Garurumon Digimon Circle
Ornismon Bo-932
Ravmon DSCS
Seraphimon DWReD
Slash Angemon
Valkyrimon (Jogressed with Silphymon or Silphymon and Crescemon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
War Greymon Digimon Circle
Zhuqiaomon St-956

Source: Wikimon

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