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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Cyborg DD
Field: Wind Guardians Metal Empire


A dark dragon Digimon developed at the same time as Megadramon. As a combat dragon that was armed to the teeth by further remodeling, its existence is the epitome of a fiendish computer virus. Its Signature Move is waging attacks with the Giga Hands on both of its arms (Guilty Claw). Its Special Move is firing countless organic missiles (Genocide Gear).

Evolves From

Airdramon St-538
Akatorimon (Jogressed with Cockatrimon) Bo-186
Aquilamon DS
Cockatrimon (Jogressed with Akatorimon) Bo-186
Dark Lizarmon (Jogressed with Sand Yanmamon) DSSM
Deltamon DW2
Devidramon DSSM
Flare Lizarmon Bo-186
Geo Greymon DSCS
Growmon DSCS
Guardromon DWReD
Hyogamon St-732
Ikkakumon DWReD
Mechanorimon St-276
Sand Yanmamon (Jogressed with Dark Lizarmon) DSSM
Soulmon St-276
Tankmon DSCS
Thunderbirmon St-732
Tylomon St-538

Evolves To

Black Saint Galgomon St-562
Darkdramon DWReD
Giga Seadramon (Jogressed with Whamon Perfect) DSSM
Goddramon St-516
Grand Locomon DSCS
Herakle Kabuterimon (Jogressed with Megadramon) Bo-200
Imperialdramon Bo-373
Metal Garurumon St-298
Metal Seadramon DSCS
Mugendramon (Jogressed with or without Megadramon or Metal Tyranomon) DSSM
Piemon St-280
War Greymon Bo-198
Zanbamon Bo-313
Zeed Millenniumon (Jogressed with Moon=Millenniumon) DSSM
Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (Dragon Army) (w/ Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (Huanglongmon) + Brachimon + Flare Lizamon) XW32

Source: Wikimon

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