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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD
Type: Machine Bo-68 Mine DD
Field: Metal Empire


A Digimon patrolling within the Computer Network while floating lightly in the air. Also known as the "Net Keeper", it repels Digimon who try to illegally enter the Network. It is surely a frightening Digimon, as when it judges the intruder to be an opponent, it will repel them with all the attacks it is able to muster, and it is said that if it is driven into a predicament, it will completely annihilate the intruder by blowing itself up. Its Special Move is a super-powerful hand grenade (Deadly Bomb).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Chaosdramon (Jogressed with Caturamon) St-957
Craniummon Digimon Fortune
Deathmon Digimon Fortune
Giga Seadramon (Jogressed with Valvemon and Archnemon) Sx-26
Hi Andromon Bo-370
Metal Etemon (Jogressed with Insekimon) Bo-197
Prince Mamemon (Jogressed with or without Mamemon) DSSM
Pukumon Bo-484
Seraphimon DW2
Slash Angemon (Jogressed with Kyukimon or Piccolomon) DSSM
War Greymon St-560

Source: Wikimon

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