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Main Info

Level: Adult DD
Attribute: Vaccine St-507 Free DD
Type: Ankylosaur DD
Field: Metal Empire Nature Spirits


An Ankylosaur Digimon whose whole body is covered in hardened skin. Not only is its skin hardened, but it also has hard protuberances coming out all over, and so its charge attack has extraordinary destructive power. As a fundamental result of being a herbivorous Digimon, it is not ferocious, but it is decidedly not timid, and possesses a brave personality. Its Special Moves are leaping high into the sky despite its appearance, then crushing the opponent under its large build (Megaton Press), and violently beating the opponent with the iron sphere on the tip of its tail (Tail Hammer). Those that suffer this technique have their body's wire frame completely shattered.

Evolves From

Evolves To

Anomalocarimon (Jogressed with or without Gekomon) DC
Hangyomon (Jogressed with Chamelemon)
Holy Angemon (Jogressed with or without Angemon) DSCS
Insekimon DSCS
Mammon DM-199
Seahomon (With the Digimental of Light) DS
Shakkoumon (Jogressed with or without Angemon) DSCS
Skull Greymon DSCS
Triceramon (Jogressed with or without Minotaurmon) DSSM
Vermillimon (Jogressed with Geo Greymon or Nise Drimogemon) DSSM
Vikaralamon Da-587

Source: Wikimon

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