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Main Info

Level: Ultimate DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD
Type: God Man DD
Field: Unknown


A God Man Digimon that guards and supervises the Dark Area. It constantly surveys the Dark Area, to which Digimon that were deleted when their life span finished, or when they were defeated in battle, are ultimately transmitted (and are transmitted there despite Fallen Angel Digimon and their like inhabiting it). As for the Digimon transferred to the Dark Area, if their data is evil, it imprisons them within eternal darkness, but if their data is good, it has the ability to reset them back to a Digitama. It has power as mighty as to decide the rebirth of a Digimon, and furthermore, it has the role of the Digital World's judge. Its Signature Move is drawing a square pyramid with beams of light as depicted in Egypt's secret formulas, then imprisoning the opponent within it (Pyramid Power). Its Special Move "Ammit" is a terrifying technique that summons a demonic beast from the underworld, which devours the Digicores of evil Digimon.

Evolves From

Blossomon (Jogressed with Garudamon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight
Cerberumon Bo-534
Garudamon (Jogressed with Blossomon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight
Karatenmon (Jogressed with or without Yatagaramon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight
Kumbhiramon Bo-790
Vajramon Bo-790
Vikaralamon Bo-790
Yatagaramon (Jogressed with Karatenmon) Digimon Story: SunburstDigimon Story: Moonlight

Evolves To

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