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Greymon (2010 Anime Version)

Greymon (2010 Anime Version)

Main Info

Attribute: Unknown Re-10
Type: Dinosaur DD
Field: Unknown


A Tyrannosaurus-type Dinosaur Digimon. As a Digimon specializing in offensive power, its combat instinct is extremely high, and it possesses a cruel, brutal nature to not stop battling until it annihilates the opponent, so ordinary Digimon are not even able to approach it, as they are pushed back by the strange fighting spirit it gives off to its surroundings.

Its "Mega Flame" is a jet of flames that burns its surroundings to cinders, and it can drive its "Blaster Tail" into any opponents for 360° around itself. It possesses "Horn Strike", an effective assault technique for both approach and retreat, and it displays its especially tremendous fighting strength along with its sturdy flesh in close combat. Each of its techniques possesses immense destructive power, and furthermore, it can probably be said that it is almost impossible to hit Greymon in close combat because of its quick movements.

Because it has a merciless personality whether or not one is a member of the same family, there is nothing but difficulty in using Greymon.

Evolves From

Evolves To

Decker Greymon (w/ Mail Birdramon and Deckerdramon) XW29
Grey Knightsmon (w/ Mail Birdramon, Skull Knightmon, Deadly Axemon)or (w/ Dark Knightmon and Mail Birdramon) http://www.carddass.com/digimon/game/unit_4th.html_Super_Digica_Taisen:_Fourth_Act_DigiXros_Units_/span
Greymon (with Mechanorimon and Master Tyranomon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Metal Greymon (with Mail Birdramon) XW02
Metal Greymon (+ Cyber Launcher) (w/ Mail Birdramon and Cyberdramon) http://www.carddass.com/digimon/game/unit_2nd.html_Super_Digica_Taisen:_Second_Act_DigiXros_Units_/span
Shoutmon X3GM (w/ Mail Birdramon and Shoutmon X3) or (w/ Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Mail Birdramon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars BlueDigimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red
Zeke Greymon Digimon Collectors

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