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Main Info

Level: Perfect DW Ultimate DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD
Type: Holy Beast DD
Field: Wind Guardians Virus Busters


A holy Digimon that possesses four wings that shine gold. It is the head of all Bird Digimon, and is said to be the one that presides over Holy-species Digimon. While Holydramon is the ultimate form of Beast Digimon, Hououmon is the ultimate form of Bird Digimon. As proof that it is a Holy-species Digimon, it draws holy power from where it holds its two "Holy Rings", and it is understood that the power possessed by Hououmon is unfathomable. Its Special Move is solemnly flapping its four wings, causing it to rain golden grains (Starlight Explosion). It is said that those who suffer this technique have all of their wickedness purified.

Evolves From

Aero V-dramon Pen4.5
Airdramon DW
Andiramon Bo-783
Angemon DW
Angewomon DC
Birdramon DW
Cockatrimon (with or without Death Evolution) DW
Delumon DSSM
Garudamon (Jogressed with or without Holy Angemon , Sinduramon or Butenmon, Sinduramon and Parrotmon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Garudamon X-Antibody AccelJG
Hippogriffomon Bo-1051
Holy Angemon (Jogressed with or without Garudamon or Taomon) DW3
Lighdramon DW2
Majiramon Bo-783
Mihiramon Bo-783
Parrotmon Da-253
Piccolomon DSCS
Piyomon (Warp Evolution) DAG
Silphymon DSCS
Sinduramon (Jogressed with Garudamon) DSSM
Taomon (Jogressed with or without Holy Angemon) DW3
Unimon DW

Evolves To

Ornismon Digimon Masters
Mugendramon (Jogress with Aero V-dramon) DW2
Valdurmon Digimon Masters
War Greymon (Jogress with Aero V-dramon) DW2
Zhuqiaomon (with or without Chronomon Holy Mode, Shine Greymon and Birdramon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars

Source: Wikimon

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