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Main Info

Level: Adult DD
Attribute: Data Da-087 Free DD
Type: Giant Bird DD
Field: Wind Guardians


A Giant Bird Digimon with two gigantic horns growing from its head. It is called the "Great Eagle of the Desert", and as it flies through the sky at Mach speed, it possesses the eye strength to locate the opponent from a very great distance. The horns on its head, when it glides from a great height and charges the opponent, exhibit an immense might. Although there are many Bird-species Digimon with brutal personalities, Aquilamon respects decorum, and unconditionally abides by the orders given by the master it has pledged allegiance to. Its Special Moves are charging the opponent from the sky (Glide Horn), and firing off ring-shaped beams with a roar similar to thunder (Blast Laser).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Aero V-dramon DSCS
Andiramon (Data) Da-590
Angewomon (Jogress with Tailmon) D3
Cerberumon X-Antibody (Jogress with Dobermon, Tyranomon, Angemon, or Darcmon) PenP3
Dagomon AccelJG
Delumon PenP3
Garudamon (Jogressed with or without Tylomon, Tyranomon or Saberdramon) DSSM
Garudamon X-Antibody AccelJG
Gerbemon iC10X
Gigadramon DS
Grappu Leomon PenP3
Hippogriffomon Da-105
Lady Devimon DM-108
Lilamon iC10X
Loader Liomon AccelJG
Mach Gaogamon iC10X
Okuwamon X-Antibody (Jogress with Ankylomon)
Paildramon (Jogress with Tyranomon)
Rize Greymon iC10X
Shurimon (with Digimental of Purity) DS
Silphymon (Jogress with or without Tailmon ) Bo-282
Tekkamon (Jogress with Guardromon)
Whamon Perfect iC10X
Were Garurumon X-Antibody PenP3
Yatagaramon (2006 Anime Version) DSCS

Source: Wikimon

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