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Main Info

Level: Perfect DD
Attribute: Virus DD
Type: Demon Beast DD
Field: Nightmare Soldiers Unknown Jungle Troopers


A Demon Beast Digimon which has the appearance of the "Queen of Spiders" of Greek mythology. As the queen who presides over all Dokugumon, it is a highly intelligent and extremely cunning Digimon. It is skilled at transforming into a human-like appearance, getting the opponent to let down their guard so that it can approach and completely devour them. Also, because of its extremely short temper and ferocious personality, many Digimon are afraid of it. Its Special Moves are chopping up the opponent with razor-sharp wires (Spider Thread), and attacking the opponent with the countless carnivorous Dokugumon hidden in its abdomen (Predation Spider).

Evolves From

Devidramon Digital Monster: D-Project
Dokugumon (with our without the Crest of Knowledge) Bo-672
Fangmon St-972
Flybeemon (with Honeybeemon) Bo-365
Flymon (Jogressed with or without Wendimon) DSSM
Kiwimon Da-312
Orgemon Digimon Story
Stingmon Da-312
Sunflowmon Da-446
Wendimon (with our without Kuwagamon or Flymon) DSSM

Evolves To

Apocalymon Digital Monster: D-Project
Babamon Bo-395
Belial Vamdemon (with Venom Vamdemon, Deathmon, Cerberumon and Mummymon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Bio Lotusmon Da-325
Demon (Jogressed with Mummymon) Vj-9
Gulfmon (Jogressed with Volcamon) DSSM
Lilithmon (with or without Lady Devimon and Scorpiomon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Metal Garurumon X-Antibody (Jogressed with Assaultmon and Caturamon) Sx-13
Parasimon (Jogressed with or without Ex-Tyranomon) DSSM
Piemon (Jogressed with Infermon or Fantomon) DSSM

Source: Wikimon

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