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Main Info

Level: Adult St-649
Attribute: Vaccine St-649 Free DD
Type: Mutant DD
Field: Nightmare Soldiers Unknown


An Armor-level Mutant Digimon that evolved through the power of the "Digimental of Purity". It has large flowers blooming from its head and hands, and walks on two feet. It can usually absorb nutrients by planting both feet firmly in the ground while squatting and assuming a pose. Unusually for a Plant-species, it dislikes being under the sun, and instead normally prefers to lie hidden, and loves artificially illuminated spaces. It is characterized by movements and an appearance that make it more noticeable, and even its behavior is gaudy. When it is behaving excitedly in the middle of battle, its method of striking a pose and treating it as its highlight scene possesses enough beauty to make its adversaries momentarily falter. Its Special Moves are violently sweeping the back of its head, then emitting a blinding, stinging light from the faces on its hands that knocks out the opponent while they're fascinated by the beauty of that storm of petals (Sakura Fubuki), and making a circle with its head, sharply tapering the petals on its head where the force accumulated due to the centrifugal force, then piercing them into the opponent like shuriken (Renjishi).

Evolves From

Plotmon Bo-893
Monodramon (With or without the Digimental of Purity) St-649
Shamamon Bo-893
Tailmon (With the Digimental of Purity) Bo-328

Evolves To

Lotusmon (With Blossomon and Shurimon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Nefertimon (With the Digimental of Light) Digimon Collectors
Sakuyamon (Jogressed with Kyukimon or Taomon and Renamon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
Were Garurumon
Zanbamon (Jogressed with Dinohumon or Tekkamon) DSSM

Source: Wikimon

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