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Kaiser Greymon

Kaiser Greymon

Main Info

Level: Hybrid DD [Ultimate] Bo-1210
Attribute: Vaccine Bo-1210 Variable DD
Type: Dragon Warrior DD
Field: Wind Guardians Nightmare Soldiers


A Transcendent Species Digimon that possesses power over Flame which is said to have surpassed even the might of the legendary Ten Warriors. It is said to bear the power of the nine dragon's veins that flow through Gaia, and it has been prophesied that if it can restrain the might of the nine dragons, it will demonstrate unfathomable ability and even be able to rule Gaia. It is said that, in order to control their power, it possesses the "Ryūgonken" in which the dragon's souls are sealed. Its Special Moves are firing arrows from the "Ryūgonken", whose flames are so intense that they become a white light (Enryūgeki), and releasing the eight dragon's veins dwelling within Gaia, then becoming the final dragon itself and pulverizing the opponent with its greatsword (Kuzuryūjin).

Evolves From

Agnimon [N 1] (Jogressed with or without Vritramon Bo-1210
Aldamon (with or without the (Human Spirit of Fire, Beast Spirit of Fire, Human Spirit of Wind, Beast Spirit of Wind, Human Spirit of Wood, Beast Spirit of Wood, Human Spirit of Ice, Beast Spirit of Ice, Human Spirit of Earth and Beast Spirit of Earth)) Bo-858
Kanbara Takuya + Human Spirit of Fire + Beast Spirit of Fire + Human Spirit of Wind + Beast Spirit of Wind + Human Spirit of Wood + Beast Spirit of Wood + Human Spirit of Ice + Beast Spirit of Ice + Human Spirit of Earth + Beast Spirit of Earth DF35
Megidramon St-843
Vritramon (Jogressed with Agnimon or Any Perfect Digimon) Bo-1210

Evolves To

Susanoomon (with or without Magna Garurumon) Bo-121t

Source: Wikimon

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