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Kaiser Leomon

Kaiser Leomon

Main Info

Level: Hybrid DD [Perfect] Bo-125t
Attribute: Variable DD
Type: Cyborg DD
Field: Nature Spirits Virus Busters


A Digimon that truly inherited the "Spirit of Darkness" of the legendary Ten Warriors. As with Duskmon, the "Spirit of Darkness" was changed into its Velgrmon form due to Cherubimon's spell, but Kaiser Leomon is its true form released from this magical power. It is called the "Jet-black Lion", and its body is covered in a unique metal which shines jet-black and is called "Obsidian Digizoid", a kind of Chrome Digizoid. For that reason, not only is its defensive ability high, but its body armor has a keen sharpness. It is said that after Kaiser Leomon runs through, everything will be cut to pieces by the first gust of that black wind. Its Special Moves are firing a black spirit shot (Schwarz Donner), and smashing into the opponent with its whole body clad in a black aura (Schwarz König).

Evolves From

Duskmon Bo-125t
Kimura Kouichi + Beast Spirit of Darkness
Any Perfect Digimon + Beast Spirit of Darkness Bo-805
Leomon Bo-125t
Löwemon (with or without Slide Evolution and Reverse Slide Evolution or the Beast Spirit of Darkness) Bo-805

Evolves To

Reichmon (with Löwemon)

Source: Wikimon

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