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Main Info

Level: Child Da-009
Attribute: Unknown Da-009
Type: Unknown Da-009
Field: Nightmare Soldiers Unknown Dark Area


A Child Digimon that evolved from Tsumemon. Its physique has gotten larger, and with its huge mouth, it can eat away at much more data than Tsumemon could. Because it eats away at more than 100 megabytes of data per second, the data is destroyed the instant it enters Keramon. Due to its extremely cheerful personality, it thinks of its destructive actions as just part of its play. Its Special Move is spewing out an exceptionally destructive bullet of light while laughing (?) (Crazy Giggle).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Arkadimon Adult St-798
Bakemon DSCS
Bomber Nanimon St-641
Chrysalimon DSCS
Duskmon with or without the Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness Bo-101t
Infermon (Warp Evolution) Digimon Adventure: Our War Game
Duskmon St-796
Garurumon St-630
Nanimon St-643
Platinum Scumon DSCS
Soulmon DSAM
Wizarmon DSCS

Source: Wikimon

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