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Main Info

Level: Perfect Bo-114
Attribute: Data Bo-114
Type: Warrior Bo-114
Field: Metal Empire Virus Busters


A largely-built Warrior Digimon whose body is clad in armor made from heavyweight Chrome Digizoid. It possesses enough power to easily wield its favorite greatsword even while dressed in that armor. According to one theory, it wears the armor on its body in order to restrain its mighty, uncontrollable power. Also, Knightmon is a Digimon that exists to faithfully serve its master, and its personality is deeply loyal. For that reason, it is in distress over becoming either wicked or righteous, depending on its master's attribute, in order to follow through on those convictions. It swings its greatsword like a berserker, cutting everything in two with a single stroke (Berserk Sword).

Evolves From

Bitmon (Jogressed with Lynxmon) Bo-338
Black Tailmon DSCS
Centalmon Bo-114
Clockmon DSCS
Dinohumon St-984
Flybeemon St-661
Gladimon St-984
Goatmon (Jogressed with Kabukimon) St-984
Golemon Bo-114
Greymon St-855
Greymon (Virus)
Kabukimon (Jogressed with Goatmon) St-984
Lynxmon (Jogressed with or without Bitmon) Bo-338
Magnamon St-855
Nefertimon (Jogressed with Opossumon) Bo-338
Opossumon (Jogressed with Nefertimon) Bo-338
Shurimon St-984
Tankmon DSCS
Thunderballmon Pen5.5
Thunderballmon X-Antibody DC
Turuiemon St-661
Yaksamon Digimon Crusader

Evolves To

Alphamon DSMS
Craniummon DSCS
Duftmon DSCS
Dukemon (with Megalo Growmon and Guilmon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
G-Cutemon (w/ Cutemon, Pawn Chessmons, Dondokomon, Kamemon, Jijimon & Bastemon) XW44
Imperialdramon St-169
Knightmon Wise Sword Mode (w/ Wisemon) XW54
Metal Garurumon (Jogressed with Big Mamemon or certain Digimon from the Pendulum series) Pen5.5
Minervamon (Jogressed with Were Garurumon Black) DSMS
Lord Knightmon DSCS
Seraphimon Bo-284
Shoutmon X4K (w/ Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmons & Pawn Chessmons) Digimon Xros Wars - Episode 11Digimon Xros Wars: Xros Heart Burn
Sleipmon (Jogressed with Mammon) DSMS
Skull Knightmon (with Vamdemon & Chrysalimon) Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars
War Greymon Se-1

Source: Wikimon

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