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Main Info

Level: Child St-266
Attribute: Data St-266
Type: Machine St-266
Field: Metal Empire


A very unusual Insect Mecha-Digimon that was recently discovered. Insect Mecha-Digimon had not been discovered until now, and their existence itself was never even imagined. Because it will discharge 1 MV of electricity from the stun gun-shaped head and arms it possesses if it senses danger, you mustn't carelessly approach. However, it has not an aggressive personality, but a docile personality which seeks tranquility. It uses electricity as its source of nutrients, and charges electric power using its middle two legs. Its Special Move is discharging electricity from the pincers on both of its arms and cutting through solid objects (Scissor Arms Mini).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Black Galgomon
Chamelemon Bo-989
Centalmon (Jogressed with Terriermon or Hagurumon) DSSM
Clockmon Pen5.5
Coatlmon Da-569
Greymon X-Antibody Sx-8
Guardromon Pen5.5
Ice Devimon St-80
Kokuwamon X-Antibody (with X-Antibody)
Kuwagamon (Jogressed with or without Tentomon) DSSM
Kuwagamon X-Antibody Da-534
Lighdramon St-722
Mechanorimon (Jogressed with or without Toy Agumon) DSSM
Revolmon Pen5.5
Rhinomon (with the Digimental of Fate) St-570
Soulmon St-273
Tankmon Pen5
Thunderballmon Pen5.5
XV-mon St-532
Yanmamon DSAM

Source: Wikimon

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