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Main Info

Level: Adult St-120 Perfect DW2
Attribute: Vaccine St-120 Data Sp-9 Free DD
Type: Beast DD
Field: Metal Empire Nature Spirits


A Beast-type Armor Digimon which evolved through the power of the "Digimental of Friendship". The Digimental of Friendship possesses the attribute of "lightning", and so the Digimental's users are granted the power to pierce the earth and move as fast as lightning, and it uses these powers to confront its enemies, defeating them with electric-shock techniques. Its Special Moves are firing an electric blade from the lightning-bearing blade on its head (Lightning Blade), and firing a powerful electric shock from the three protuberances on its back (Blue Thunder).

Evolves From

Gabumon Da-300
Elecmon St-722
Fladramon DW2
Guilmon St-355
Hagurumon St-355
Kokuwamon St-722
Pico Devimon St-355
Renamon (with the Digimental of Friendship) Sp-9
Sethmon (with the Digimental of Friendship) Digimon Collectors
V-mon (with or without Digimental of Friendship) D3
Yuki Agumon St-722

Evolves To

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